Tips to Ensure AI Fair Play

“Algorithms are opinions embedded in code.” — Cathy O’Neil

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2 min readMay 10, 2024

The technology you use every day is influenced by human biases.

AI mirrors our society: it reflects the biases and values of those who created it and its data sources. Just like a mirror, if the angle is skewed, the reflection will be distorted. To ensure fairness, we must adjust the mirror carefully, ensuring it gives a true and balanced reflection of reality.

This problem is becoming increasingly important as artificial intelligence (AI) systems become more integrated into our lives.

But what happens when AI systems are biases?

Types of Bias

  • Unconscious Bias: Influenced by one’s background, culture, and experiences, often unrecognized.
  • Conscious Bias (Explicit Bias): Clear, acknowledged prejudices or preferences.
  • Confirmation Bias: The tendency to favor information that confirms preexisting beliefs.
  • Groupthink: Seeking group harmony can lead to poor or irrational decisions.

6 Tips to Mitigate AI Bias

  • Training Data: Ensuring diverse and representative training data is essential to prevent biases in AI outputs.
  • Fine-tuning: Adjustments made with specific datasets can reinforce biases if those datasets are not balanced.
  • Guardrails: AI vendors must enforce ethical guidelines to ensure responsible AI use and address biases through measures like algorithmic audits and bias monitoring.
  • Feedback: Continuous user and stakeholder feedback can help identify and correct biases in real-world applications.
  • Ethical AI Training: AI vendors should be trained to maintain ethical standards.
  • Regulatory Oversight: Regulatory bodies should enforce ethical standards, particularly in sensitive areas like healthcare and finance.


Effectively managing AI bias involves a holistic approach that spans from the initial data collection to continuous monitoring and adjustments in real-world applications. By adopting these practices, AI systems can become more fair, ethical, and trustworthy.

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